Yes, we weave

Weaving and selling fabrics since 1964

Who are we?

We are a company dedicated to the development of new designs, weaving and selling of textile fabrics. We are specialised in shirting fabrics for both man and woman. Our mission is to offer high quality fabrics according to the latest tendencies as well as development of special designs and fabrics in collaboration with our customers, all to guarantee a maximum satisfaction of our customers.

What we do?

Fabrics for fashion shirts

Seasonal collection with fabrics of latest tendencies

Corporate identity and workwear

Fabrics for workwear and corporate identity, domestic care finishes as well as industrial washing finishes and garment renting

Projects custom made

Fabrics and designs developped according to customer´s demands

Our numbers

More than 80 titles and compositions of threads in stock

Weekly Productive Capacity Meters

Air looms at an average speed of 650 passes per minute

Square meters of facilities

More than 70% of our production is exported

Social Responsability


The industry towards sustainability

In order to guarantee the best quality results, we have established a quality policy based on essential principles focused on the customers satisfaction, the well being of the employees, and an efficient collaboration with our suppliers.

See quality policy

All our articles are Öko-Tex Standard 100 certified, which guarantees that all articles are free of harmful health substances.

As manufacturers we take care that the environmental impact of our production will be less possible by fulfilling the legal standards applied regarding our product. In that same way we check that both our suppliers as our collaborators are equiped with the correct water and/or smoke recycling systems.

  • Use of 100% renewable energy for the total machinery functioning (Ens falta un certificat de l’Electra)
  • Recycling of waste produced during the manufacturing process
  • Air filtration caused by the production plant by a climate system

One of the biggest problems textiles has suffered is the use of child labour in factories. Based on our values we do not tolerate this and as a consequence we request all our international suppliers and collaborators to guarantee they do not use child labour in their factories and that their employees count with worthy working conditions according to the local laws.


Nuestra historia se inicia el año 1964 a Caldes de Montbui, de la mano de Jaume Balaguer Torras.

An old hangar with eight weaving machines of nearly one and a half metre width allowed Jaume Balaguer Torras to start working for third parties.

With the help of his father Jaume Balaguer Dèu and thanks to be in an area with a lot of textile business he could grow and continue the business. Step by step he built up a good name in the business and was well recognised as a good manufacturer and entrepreneur.


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Contact us

Jaba Textil S.L

C/ Dr. Fleming, 6
08140 Caldes de Montbui – Barcelona SPAIN
Phones.: 93 865 44 39 – Fax: 93 865 45 64

Textil J.Balaguer S.A

C/ Dr. Fleming, s/n
08140 Caldes de Montbui – Barcelona SPAIN
Phones.: 93 865 39 43 – 93 865 39 93 – Fax: 93 865 45 64