Who are we?

We are a company dedicated to the development of new designs, weaving and selling of textile fabrics. We are specialised in shirting fabrics for both man and woman.

Our mission is to offer high quality fabrics according to the latest tendencies as well as development of special designs and fabrics in collaboration with our customers, all to guarantee a maximum satisfaction of our customers.

We know the needs of our customers and we have the experience and the means to offer suitable solutions

We have more than 50 years experience in textiles and our professional and competitive employees are working daily to offer best quality possible with the newest designs and fabrics. We have all the necessary know how required for the manufacturing of an excellent quality of fabrics and have also a long experience in problem solving of all kinds of problems that may occur during the manufacturing process. We know very well our articles and are able to satisfy as much as needed the demands of our customers.

We try to keep our standards high by maintaining at all time our good service towards our customers, satisfying his requirements and his most urgent needs by relying on our usual and long term suppliers and partners.

HISTORY: Manufacturers since 1964

Our history starts in Caldas de Montbui in the year 1964 by the founder Jaume Balaguer Torras. An old hangar with eight weaving machines of nearly one and a half metre width allowed Jaume Balaguer Torras to start working for third parties. With the help of his father Jaume Balaguer Dèu and thanks to be in an area with a lot of textile business he could grow and continue the business. Step by step he built up a good name in the business and was well recognised as a good manufacturer and entrepreneur.

Since the beginning our growth has been constantly: Starting with the construction of a small factory, followed by the relocation to our actual much bigger factory of our own, with the latest machinery, resulting being one of the leading suppliers of textiles in our home market and also exporting our fabrics to several countries in Europe and in the development of new articles…

CHRONOLOGY – Important dates

From that time until now, many things have happened…the construction of a new factory, the purchase and transfer to the current factory, modernization of machinery, entry into the domestic market, internationalization, new products… but always with the same concept of Customer service and trust with collaborators and suppliers.

Now, despite all the years and crises of the past, we continue to try to give good service to our customers and continue to give a lot of value to our employees.

THE FACTORY : Our added value

We have a weekly production capacity of more than 35.000 metres, which guarantees us a very quick service and also allows us to participate in large proyects such as government tenders
Our own weaving mill gives us more flexibility and allows us to personalize the orders and gives us also plenty possibilities to constantly develop new articles. Actually we have 24 OMNI PLUS airjet looms that weave at an average speed of 650 wefts per minute. With the aim to obtain a maximum efficiency, we assure to buy best quality yarns to our regular long term supllier of confidence. Cotton yarnd and blends which guarantee us an excellent quality of fabric.

Our factory has about 4.000 square metres of which more than half of the surface is destinated to the stock of raw materials, fabrics in process and finished fabrics ready to be sold. We also have a warper machine of the brand Suzuki for making yarnd dyed samples that allows us to develop small sample metres as well as samples for colorcards between 20 metres and 100 metres of length. Based on a design on paper (CAD) approved by our customer we offer the possibility to produce samples metres (between 20 and 100 metres) necessary for our customer´s colorcards for example.